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Rock Falls is a city about 60 miles east of Quad Cities in Whiteside county. Sterling is the twin city to Rock Falls across the Rock River. The city was established in 1867 and is planning for celebrating the Sesquicentennial (150th) anniversary in 2017. The area was originally the territory of Fox and Sauk Indians. Gradually, Rock Falls became home to many local and national industries.

Rock Falls Roofing

Once known for its popular carriages and hearses, Rock Falls is always friendly to industries and entrepreneurs. Rock Falls is known for its energy generation facilities through renewable resources such as solar energy, wind energy, and water power. Rock Falls won several awards as a Reliable Public Power Provider. The city is self-sufficient in energy reserves and produces most of the energy required by the city. This is possible by the power plants, hydro-electric plants, solar plants, and wind turbines.

The Rock Falls Chamber of Commerce encourages economic development by providing a platform for networking and development. Many sites are available near the I-88, IL Route 40, US Route 30, and river front. New or expanding businesses can get enterprise zone tax credits and incentives by investing in the area.

Rock Falls is also famous for its nature and year-round events. Annual walks and seasonal events are planned to entertain to residents and visitors. Rock Falls is closely bonded by several community-driven organizations. Special industrial covenants apply if you are planning a construction in certain areas. Home improvement and roofing are constant requirements for the industries, commercial, and residential properties.


Rock Falls Roofing Installation


Roofing opportunities in Rock Falls, IL are abundant due to the large industrial buildings and scope for new construction. Since a roof is one of the most important parts of a building, it requires proper installation and care. Roof is also subject to external forces such as the wind, rain, hail, storm, snow, ice, and ultra-violet rays from the sun.


A roofing system comprises of components such as the eave protection, underlayment, ridge cap shingles, hip, deck, skylights, flashings, chimneys, shingles, vents, fascia, and soffitt. The roofing components must be compliant with each other as the life of a roof depends on all these components. It is recommended to install components from the same manufacturer to ensure durability.


Many roof types can be seen in Rock Falls such as the steep-slope roofs, low-slope roofs, flat roofs, industrial roofs, and so on. Asphalt shingles are popular for the roofs and it is common to install metal roofing, steel roofing, Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) roofing, rubber roofing, white coating on roofs, Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) single-ply roofing, and so on.


All roofing manufacturers follow the national and international roofing standards. Manufacturers require the certified roofing contractors to install the roofs as per their specifications. Owens corning, IKO, CertainTeed, GAF, and so on are some of the leading roofing manufacturers in the USA. More and more property owners are choosing products that are competitive in quality and energy efficiency.


Rock Falls Roofing Maintenance

Fall Maintenance

Roofs need fall maintenance checks and inspection. Clearing the roof off any debris and cleaning the gutters is required. Any trees or shrubs that are blocking the roof need to be trimmed. Roof vents, skylights, flashings, chimneys, and other components must be inspected for any leaks. Check the attic for any wet insulation and hire a professional to fix any related issues.

Spring Maintenance

Spring is the right time to check for any roof infestation. The harsh winters damage the roof surface by forming wet areas on the surface of the roof. Flat roofs must be checked for any water ponds. Gutters must be inspected for any damage due to the ice dams formed during the winter. Windows, walls, and interiors can be examined for any moss growth or leaks.


Property owners can undertake the roof cleaning themselves or hire a professional to maintain the roof. It is suggested to clear the roof after storm season. Checking the gutters for any clogs or blocks in crucial. The roof vents must be properly sealed and any minor repairs can be done by the roofing contractor during a roof inspection. Any missing or curled or streaked shingles need to be replaced every year. Yearly maintenance is the key for a long lasting roof.

Olde Town Group

Olde Town Group

General Contractor

Olde Town Roofing

Roofing division

Family Owned

Olde Town Group is a family owned business in Moline, IL and serve customers in and around 200 miles of the Quad Cities. They can take up Rock Falls Roofing projects and home improvement. Sean Vogler is the owner of Olde Town Group who has decades of experience in construction and remodeling. Olde Town Group believes that every customer deserves the same respect and relies on the traditional way of business rather than engaging in high-pressure sales tactics.


Olde Town Roofing is their roofing division with unlimited roofing license to work on residential, commercial, and industrial roofs. Roofing, siding, windows, deck, commercial roofing, industrial flat roofs, bath/kitchen remodel, reroofing, roof repair, roof replacement, and roof inspection are some of Olde Town Group's services. They are open to any project you may have and can get multiple repairs completed at a time. Cleaning gutters and energy audits are some other services from Olde Town Group. Call Olde Town Group at 3097385550 or 5637239940 or 3095171676 for more information on Rock Falls Roofing.


CertainTeed products, IKO roofing, James Hardie siding, Trex decking, Tyvek house wrap, Zip System, IB Roof System, and Andersen windows are some of the products installed by Olde Town Group. Being a certified IKO Shield Pro Plus contractor and SELECT ShingleMaster from CertainTeed, they are well versed with installing according to manufacturer specifications. Olde Town Group can install any product you prefer or can suggest a product based on your requirements. Olde Town Group can also install CertainTeed shingles or vinyl siding.


Olde Town Group offers several discounts to customers such as 10% veteran's discount and seasonal vouchers. On top of manufacturer warranty, Olde Town Group offers special guarantee such as double life time guarantee or lien release guarantee. Olde Town Group has expertise in providing documentation for insurance claims. They also partner with financial units to get better rates for customers. They are licensed and bonded both in Iowa and Illinois to serve more customers.

Here is a brief introduction of Olde Town Group services by the owner, Sean Vogler.

Olde Town Group Certified
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